AASA Central | 2019 November Update by Joseph Erardi
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Safety Starts With You

Goreville Community School District No. 1
Goreville, Ill.

Steve Webb, superintendent of schools in Goreville, Ill., recognizes the importance of safety and leads his district with distinction in all aspects of the work.

The district has set, at the highest priority, school safety and security. The present practice around safety in Webb’s district can serve as a model for all others to follow regarding plan sharing, safety expectations and setting priorities with security spending.

Webb brings an extraordinary background to the work as a law enforcement officer and school resource officer for his district. In addition, he has recently published a must-read book, Education in a Violent World: A Practical Guide to Keeping Our Kids Safe and travels the nation speaking at conferences and trainings with his School Safety 101 Program. He will be addressing this issue at AASA’s National Conference on Education in February 2020 in San Diego, Calif.

Under the leadership of Steve Webb, the district clearly serves as an exemplar for schools across the country regarding the needed commitment to safety and security.


Joseph Erardi

AASA Safety Consultant