AASA Central | March Update
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Examining the District’s Risk Assessment Protocol

In nearly all school districts across the country, building administrators and central office staff have been challenged this school year with trying to assess whether a threat made by a student to self or others is valid. This scenario usually is a highly complex issue with multiple layers of the teaching and learning community weighing in on the student and the final recommendation.

Does your district have a risk assessment protocol?

A risk assessment protocol is a set series of questions that can be universally applied across any risk issues. The protocol guides staff for consistency and for reaching the appropriate outcome pertaining to the student.

I would strongly encourage every school leader to ensure their local board that they have this document in place and that best practice is followed at all times.

If you would like to further discuss risk assessment protocol I would welcome the conversation as we become a safer nation within all schools—one student at a time.


Dr. Joseph Erardi
AASA Safety Consultant
Safety Hotline: 571-480-0313