AASA Central | School Safety – September Update
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Making a Difference … One Inconvenience Drill at a Time

Presently, there are compliance standards in every state centered on emergency school drills pertaining to frequency and the intent of the drill. As this year unfolds is there a need for
a significant paradigm shift around safety and security in your district?

The following essential questions are intended to guide your work:

• Does your leadership team know and understand the importance of scheduling drills that may include student passing time, cafeteria, before and after school
arrival and departure?

• Do your drills include a debrief with the school’s Emergency Response Team and then to the faculty-at-large?

• Are your drills hosted by police and fire?

• Are you able to be onsite for drills throughout the year?

The AASA Safety Toolkit is available to assist with any questions you may have around safety drills.

Please call 571-480-0313 for additional information around safety and drills.


Dr. Joseph Erardi
AASA Safety Consultant
Retired Superintendent – Newtown, CT