AASA Central | School Safety — April Update
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What if you had to evacuate a school in your district?


Evacuation and reunification are highly complex pieces of your safety plan.

At this point of the year, every school in the country should have a plan on the “if” and the “where” of evacuation and reunification. School leaders should have an articulated agreement in place for every school in their district centered on exactly where students would go if there was a need to evacuate and how parents would reconnect to their children.

Are all stakeholders aware of the plan (public safety, transportation, town government)?

Does administration have appropriate messaging in place if communication needs to be sent to parents and the media?

Does staff understand your reunification protocol?

Ideally, I would encourage every district to run a desk top simulation of evacuation and reunification.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to AASA to assist you with this critical piece of safety and security.



Dr. Joseph Erardi
AASA Safety Consultant
Retired Superintendent – Newtown, CT