AASA Central | School Safety — June Update
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An Absolute Must: Digital Safety Platform for All

During the past two decades, we have all learned, as school leaders, the value of time within an active incident on the watch of a school district. How does staff mitigate time for optimal outcomes?

If your district has yet to move the red safety binder (which may or may not be filled with updated pages) to a digital platform, I am hoping that you hold this as a “must do” for the new school year.  Ideally, all staff will have access on their desktops or laptops to your digitized plan so they can act quickly because of the training they’ve had around the plan.

The design of the AASA monthly safety message is to never have a school leader attempting to defend the indefensible with the media regarding an incident within their district. Clearly, best practice would be highly compromised if you have yet to move your plan from paper to a digital platform.

As always, if there is a need to assist this movement in any way, I would look forward to the opportunity and the conversation.



Dr. Joseph Erardi

AASA Safety Consultant

Retired Superintendent – Newtown, CT