AASA Central | School Safety — February Update
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Empowering the Student Voice in Safety & Security

Nearly every school leader across the country is in the building stage for their 2019-20 proposed operational plan for the next school year.  Thus, this is a critical time that superintendents face around dollars needed to enhance safety and security.

The best practice alignment of your request will include the partnership and support for public safety officials and the district endorsement of your leadership team. There is great strength in delivering a consensus plan from multiple stakeholders.

In many cases the most listened voice by a school board is the student.

I would strongly suggest that you find time to engage students around their perceptions and beliefs about how safe and secure they feel in school. I would also strongly suggest that a student voice shares the findings with your school board as I am certain their presentation and insight will be well-received by elected officials.

Finally, I would look forward to assisting any school leader frame a student safety meeting as we work diligently to create a safer school culture and climate across this country—one student at a time.


Dr. Joseph Erardi

AASA Safety Consultant