AASA Central | School Safety — January Update
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Talking Points for Security and Safety Fiscal 2019

Budget season is upon you and this is the time where every school leader must be both relentless and convincing with safety and security needs.

From a backward design model, you should never be in a leadership position in which you wished you would have asked and the ask could have been part of the prevention of a security breach…never.

In order to prepare your proposed operational plan for the new fiscal year, it is essential to complete and speak to your safety gap analysis, your mental health staffing needs and your partnership work with your local safety officials.

Ideally, you have built your plan with consensus and you are able to share with your school board that the proposal has been endorsed by staff, parents, community and safety officials.

Finally, be mindful that the plan is less about the message (dollar request) and more about the messenger. Be genuine, informed and never lose sight of children.

If any school leader is in need of any further information around preparing proposed safety needs, please feel free to call the AASA Safety Information Line at 571-480-0313.


Dr. Joseph Erardi

AASA Safety Consultant

Newtown Public Schools – Retired Superintendent