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Perspectives from a Participant in the AASA Urban Superintendents Academy

Fernando Benavides is currently the Director of Secondary Human Resources, Mansfield ISD, serving a student population of 32,500. Fernando tells us: “I have been a public-school educator for over 24 years and a principal at the secondary level for eleven years in my previous district. I was looking for an opportunity to learn and grow as a leader and wasn’t sure about my next career decision or direction. I was encouraged to join AASA and the Aspiring Superintendents Academy by a colleague who had previously attended the program.

“The Aspiring Superintendents Academy®18-19 provided by AASA has given me a greater understanding of the superintendent’s role and the leadership skills needed to be a successful educator at the central administration level. The leadership lessons can be used and applied to any position in a public school system. The practical tools and leadership skills I learned from the program helped me to be a better principal and leader in my building. I used the training to build, lead, and facilitate the learning in with my leadership team. Additionally, the program has given me the confidence to pursue other leadership roles in public education.

“After participating in the Aspiring Superintendents program, I have the confidence to pursue other central administration level positions. I believe the skills I learned in the program will lead me to become a superintendent in the future in a district that matches my core values and beliefs.”

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