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Reflections from a Member of the AASA Personalized Learning Cohort

Kristin Landis, a new member of our Personalized Learning Cohort, tells us: “As a Year 1 member of the Leadership Design Institute from the MCiU, we began connecting with other districts starting this work but realized we’d like to see implementation in action. The AASA PL cohort provides us an opportunity to visit and learn from districts who are farther along in this work. The cohort has connected me to leaders all over the country who are implementing this work. Learning from others is critical in this work.

“My goals have become more focused on the topic of personalized learning. There are many complex facets to implementing this work and being a part of a group who understands this work helps to focus my goals more specifically on the tenets that are critical for leadership of this work.
“This year our district got to showcase our current implementation of digital and personalized learning to the PL Cohort. This was an incredible learning experience for our students and our staff. We were very fortunate to have educators come and learn from us as well as coach us in how we could go even more deeply with our implementation in the future.”

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