The Importance of Cross-Functional Partnerships— An Update on AASA’s Partnerships with the Wallace Foundation and CoSN | AASA Central
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The Importance of Cross-Functional Partnerships— An Update on AASA’s Partnerships with the Wallace Foundation and CoSN

A highly significant aspect of AASA’s networking process is its involvement with cross-functional partnerships, including agreements with such national organizations as the Wallace Foundation and CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking). For example, in affiliation with The Wallace Foundation (whose mission is to foster improvements in learning and enrichment for disadvantaged children and the vitality of the arts for everyone), AASA has formed the Educational Leadership Initiative to develop, test, and share useful approaches for training educational leaders.

This initiative supports the Wallace Foundation’s commitment to improving the quality of educational leadership, expand learning time during the summer and regular school day or year, and provide access to and equitable distribution of quality arts learning and after-school programs. As a result of this partnership, AASA has developed a series of webinars, podcasts, and thought leader sessions focused on educational leadership, summer learning, and arts education. These wonderful resources are available to you on-demand for use with your continuing professional development, along with related resourced developed by the Wallace Foundation.

We are also very pleased to announce that recently, AASA has entered a formal partnership with CoSN, the premier professional association for school system technology leaders (representing 13 million K-12 students in school districts nationwide). CoSN has developed exceptional materials such as the EmpowerED Superintendent, created an advisory committee of nearly 30 superintendents (including AASA leaders Dave Schuler, Mike Lubelfeld, and Nick Polyak), and worked closely with AASA on several initiatives lately with a focus through the Digital Consortium. Click here to read the press release announcing the partnership.

This new agreement includes a commitment to distribute free materials and includes a wide range of significant opportunities, including shared responsibility for building thought-leader practitioners with knowledge and skills for leading in a digital age by identifying and nurturing a cadre of EmpowerED Superintendents to become advocates for CoSN and AASA digital resources and to serve as spokespersons at CoSN’s annual conference. CoSN will designate AASA as an in-kind partner on Driving K-12 Innovation series, including a staff and volunteer representative on the Expert Advisory Panel, with the goal of increasing knowledge about using emerging technology for innovation and the role of superintendents to benefit the communities they serve. In addition, both organizations will co-create resources with AASA on emerging trends, using AASA’s Digital Consortium as thought partners in creating and disseminating information as well as serving as speakers, researchers, blog writers, etc.

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