AASA Central | Closing a High School Campus
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Making a Difference with Strong Local Leadership……One student at a Time


Upper Arlington Public Schools

Upper Arlington, Ohio

In February 2018, members of the Upper Arlington Public Schools’ Board of Education accompanied their superintendent, Paul Imhoff, to the AASA National Conference on Education in Los Angeles, and brought back to the district the need to examine the open campus at their high school.

Closing a high school campus is a very complex issue.

In many cases leadership will avoid the issue because of the community outcry and the political fallout for both appointed and elected officials.

Upper Arlington leadership chose to do what was right—not easy.

The tightening of the campus began with the incoming freshman class within the 2018-2019 school year. The key to the successful change was the respect and the dialogue leadership had with and for the student, parent and community voice. Although the campus closing issue had great debate, ultimately the procedural change was championed by the school board as they believe there simply is undeniable evidence that a closed campus represents best practice for school safety.

AASA leadership salutes the Upper Arlington district, its school board, and AASA member Paul Imhoff as this school community serves as a strong example of safety best practice.

School leaders looking to follow the work of the Upper Arlington Schools can have questions answered and can receive supporting information by calling the AASA safety informational line at 571-480-0313.



Dr. Joseph Erardi

AASA Safety Consultant