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AASA Learning 2025

Leadership To Transform America’s Education System

Learning 2025: Student-Centered, Equity-Focused Education is an AASA initiative that calls for holistic redesign of the public school system by 2025. The initiative is grounded in the foundational work of the AASA Learning 2025 National Commission, comprised of thought leaders in education, business, community and philanthropy.

The time for action is now. Schools must operate as the heartbeat of the country we want and believe in—a country where freedom, justice, and opportunity are extended to everyone, without question, qualification or exception. The recent pandemic has given us an opportunity to finally reshape schools to meet ALL Whole Learner needs for maximized achievement. We’re calling on educators to seize this opportunity to realize the vision of holistic school redesign.

This is an ongoing initiative and a living website that will continue to be updated.

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Save the Date: AASA Learning 2025 National Summit
June 28-30, 2022  |  Washington, DC

Building Future-Focused Systems
The Learning 2025 National Summit, cohosted by AASA and the Successful Practices Network (SPN), will bring together leadership, faculty, boards and staff from across the United States to highlight their work building future-focused capacity in alignment with the AASA Learning 2025 National Commission.

Learn More

Learning 2025 Video Spotlight Series

Everyone associated with a school system—from superintendents to principals to teachers to school boards to parents to community leaders—must take bold steps to work together as systems on behalf of the well-being, self-sufficiency and success of our students.

— Daniel A. Domenech, AASA Executive Director

An American Imperative: A New Vision of Public Schools

A Report from the Learning 2025: National Commission on Student-Centered, Equity-Focused Education

The full commission report articulates in detail AASA’s vision, which is intended to function as guardrails for specific change while also empowering districts and schools to tailor plans to the needs of their learners, educators, and communities. What makes this report stand out is its call to action comprised of recommendations coupled with specific action steps.

The commission has identified core components and corresponding essential areas of systemic school redesign. As leaders, teachers, and students work to realize this vision, all must play an active role in redesigning systems, reengineering instruction, and co-authoring the learning journey.

Read the Full Report

AASA’s Vision of Systemic Redesign:


Learning 2025 ArrowCulture

Systemic redesign must happen within an intentional, relationships-based culture that is:Learning 2025 Wheel

  • Whole Learner Focused: The entire system must attend to the social, emotional, cognitive, mental health and trauma-based needs of ALL learners.
  • No Learner Marginalized: ALL children, families and staff must be embraced, valued equally and served with equity—regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic circumstance or disability.
  • Future Driven: Schools must routinely anticipate forthcoming changes in the career landscape to inform all decisions today.


Learning 2025 Arrow

Social, Emotional, Cognitive Growth Model

Learning must entirely reorient around the learner.

  • In order to meet ALL learners’ social, emotional and cognitive needs, instruction and learning must happen on a growth model continuum, where data analytics, planning, learning and evidence of learning operate in a feedback loop to personalize learning.


Learning 2025 Arrow


Panels of school, association, state and federal leaders must convene to determine how to unlock resources to meet ALL children’s Whole Learner needs in the following categories:

  • Learning Accelerators: Broadband must be deemed a public utility so that ALL learners have access to the technologies necessary to access and accelerate learning.
  • Aligned Community Resources: To meet Whole Learner needs, educators, learners and learners’ families must have access to a robust, multi-tiered system of supports.
  • High-Quality Early Learning for ALL Children: ALL children must engage in high-impact early learning to prepare them to function as co-authors of learning in their K-12 journey.
  • Diverse Educator Pipeline: Educators and staff must represent the learners, families and communities they serve so that true culturally-responsive learning is possible.

We have an opportunity to finally bring our schools into the future and transform them into nimble systems. Our recommendations can lead to personalized and customized instruction and restore dignity and honor to teachers and the joys of learning.

— Bill Daggett, Learning 2025 National Commission Co-Chair and Founder of the International Center on Leadership for Education

Next Steps & Opportunities to Engage

We must come together as educators to help move the needle and make real, holistic systemic change. Those in official leadership roles must rise to the occasion and spearhead, enable, inform and shape the fulfillment of this vision.

The commissioners of Learning 2025 commit to leading, promoting and supporting the development and implementation of plans to operationalize the vision of holistic school redesign. Over the next few years, AASA, with the support of the commission, will provide resources, ongoing research, host discussions and events, and engage education leaders and school districts to help operationalize and realize this vision by 2025.

AASA, The School Superintendents Association, urges a vision of public schools as future-driven, rigorous, energetic and culturally-vibrant learning ecosystems—where leaders, administrators, teachers, learners, families and communities work together to redesign the school system, reengineer instruction and co-author personalized learning for ALL learners.

Learning 2025 Arrow

Be Part of the Movement:

AASA seeks to identify educational systems that exemplify the Learning 2025 National Commission’s recommendations as demonstration sites, understanding that seeing practices that advance student learning helps drive policy. AASA invites school systems to apply to engage in a three-year process of advancing toward Student-Centered, Equity-Driven Education.

Systems will take a self-assessment to determine what phase of development or implementation they fall into—Lighthouse, Aspiring and Emerging. 

Each demonstration site will be the subject of a case study designed to guide schools, districts and regions in realizing the vision articulated in the commission’s recommendations. Policy support from local, state and national leaders will be integral to the overall effectiveness and success set forth by the report’s vision.

Learn More & Apply to be a Demonstration System Today

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Benefits, Services, and Supports to Demonstration Systems

Once accepted, Demonstration System participation begins with an interview with the leadership of AASA and SPN to gather pertinent information about the system that the superintendent and senior staff can share.

Support and Services:

  • Senior Consultant
  • Concierge On-call Service
  • Monitoring progress
  • District Dashboard
  • Professional Learning: Transformative and Innovative Research-based Practices
  • National Conferences
  • and more ...


    Learn more about Benefits here.

AASA will host events and programs that help support the work and further the mission of Learning 2025. Check back frequently for updates.


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Upcoming Events & Programs:


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Recordings & Archives:

Join discussions and collaborate with peers around the Learning 2025 initiative.


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Learning 2025 Online Community:

Share successes, discuss problems of practice, and connect with colleagues from across the country who are working to affect change in public education. Through the online community you can create and engage in meaningful discussions, send personal messages and upload/share resources.

Join the Community

Not sure how to get started? Watch the online community tutorial video.


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Request a Speaker:

Looking for someone to talk with your district or community about Learning 2025? Contact Debbie Magee, AASA Program Director for more information.

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach must no longer be tolerated. Now is the time to raise the voices of our superintendents on behalf of the students they serve.

— Kristi Wilson, AASA 2020-21 President and Learning 2025 Commissioner

About the Learning 2025 Commission

The Learning 2025: National Commission on Student-Centered, Equity-Focused Education is comprised of thought leaders in education, business, community and philanthropy. The commission’s chief objective is to safely and equitably prepare all students for a workplace and society of the future.

The Commissioners

Chairpersons: Dan Domenech, AASA, and Bill Daggett, Successful Practices Network
Facilitators: Ray McNulty, SPN, and Mort Sherman, AASA
Team Support: Todd Daggett, SPN; Valerie Truesdale and Debbie Magee, AASA

Gustavo Balderas
Edmonds School District

Gregg Behr
Executive Director
The Grable Foundation

Luvelle Brown
Ithaca City School District

Pamela Cantor
Turnaround for Children

Brenda Cassellius
Boston Public Schools

Michael Conner
Middletown Public Schools

Sharon Contreras
Guilford County Schools

Gladys Cruz

Deborah Delisle
Alliance for Excellent Education

MaryEllen Elia
Former State Commissioner
New York Department of Education

Karen Garza
Battelle for Kids

Benjamin Heuston
Executive Director

Kathy Hoffman
State Commissioner
Arizona Department of Education

Sam Houston
North Carolina Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education Center

Ann Levett
Savannah-Chatham County Public School System

Khalid Mumin
Reading School District

Bart Rocco
Grable Fellow
The Grable Foundation

Bille Rondinelli
Grable Fellow
The Grable Foundation

David Schuler
Township High School District 214

Malbert Smith

Aaron Spence
Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Stuart Udell

Tom Vander Ark
Getting Smart

Steven Webb
Former Superintendent
Vancouver Public Schools

Kristi Wilson, AASA President
Buckeye Elementary School District

Jessie Woolley-Wilson
DreamBox Learning

Kelly Young
Education Reimagined

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