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AASA Learning 2025

Why Become an AASA Learning 2025 Demonstration System?

Learning 2025 Lighthouse Demonstration Systems

It’s time to reimagine the American education system.

If not now, when? AASA urges a vision of public schools as future-driven, rigorous, energetic and culturally vibrant. Superintendents, building principals, teachers, school boards and community leaders must all accept responsibility for addressing our nation’s challenges and play a central role in defining and leading systemic change in our districts and schools.

AASA Learning 2025 Demonstration Systems are learning, growing and taking action together to create student-centered, equity-focused, future-driven educational systems that serve ALL learners.

More than 120 systems are already working to change the future of education. Will you join us?

Apply to Become a Demonstration System

Benefits of Being Involved with Learning 2025


AASA Learning 2025 Demonstration Systems will actively engage in system transformation in one or more of the national commission’s recommended redesign components through access to a full year of personalized support and resources.

  What’s Included?

Communities of Practice

Communities of practice are networked learning communities engaged deeply in one area of Learning 2025 Redesign Components and/or engaged with similar school systems on programs of practice and effective strategies for school improvement. Systems may join up to three (3) Communities of Practice.

Mentoring & Consulting

Each superintendent/school system will be paired with a mentor/consultant with extensive experience. An intake session will drive a personalized plan of support for the system. The mentor/consultant will connect the superintendent with successful and next practices on issues and initiatives their district is addressing.

Participation in an AASA Cohort

Demonstration systems will have the opportunity to participate in one AASA Cohort where participants will explore problems of practice, drive improvement in their district and across the nation, and work together to better meet the needs of all learners.

Role-Alike Collaboratives

Join discussions and roundtables with colleagues who share similar responsibilities. Sessions will include sharing successful practices and policies, new and emerging instructional redesign, and workforce redesign. Special Wonder-Hour sessions will be held six times during the year, focusing on a future trend likely to impact education systems.

Study Groups and Site Visits

Shared as an extension and outgrowth of the professional learning sessions and the Role-Alike Collaboratives, Demonstration System-Level Study Groups will meet to dig deeply into timely topics. These will be held on a requested or as-needed basis.

Curriculum Leader Roundtables

In partnership with EdLeader21, A Network of Battelle for Kids, roundtables will be conducted four times a year and include detailed discussion guides.

Learning 2025 Profile Dashboard

Demonstration systems have exclusive access to the Learning 2025 Profile Dashboard so you can easily track your district’s progress and provide real data to your community of stakeholders.

Networking Opportunities

In addition to continual virtual and in-person networking opportunities with other demonstration systems, districts will be provided the opportunity to connect with national thought leader practitioners and others who support system initiatives.

Recognition and Publicity

Share with the world the amazing things your district is doing to move the needle in holistic education redesign. Demonstration systems will be featured in articles, press releases, case studies, videos and more. Demonstration systems can also apply to be recognized as a Lighthouse System.

Battelle for Kids Professional Learning

Each Learning 2025 Demonstration System can have up to five registrants in the BFK learning cohorts that examine the shifts in leadership and educational practice necessary to advance system transformation through a Portrait of a Graduate, including Portrait of a Graduate Bootcamp, DeeperLearning21, Assessment21, HumanCapital21 and more.

Discounted Registration to the AASA Learning 2025 National Summit

Get exclusive discounted rates for you and your team to attend the national summit in Washington, DC, June 26-28, 2023.

Option for Additional Services & Support

Leverage one of the largest professional learning networks for educators in the country through add-on services and support from AASA, Successful Practices Network (SPN), and Battelle for Kids.

Registration Now Open for the National Summit

AASA Learning 2025 National Summit

Fees for One Year of Services & Support

As a Demonstration System, you’ll become part of communities of practice, unlock access to extensive professional learning, receive personalized consulting services and move your district forward with evidence- and research-based recommendations to provide all learners with a bright future.

AASA Members: $11,000 Nonmembers: $11,500

Not yet a member? Join now to save $500 and access all the benefits AASA membership has to offer. Learn More


Contact learning2025@aasa.org

Participating as an Engaged System

Interested in getting involved, but not ready to apply as a Demonstration System? By applying as an Engaged System, districts have the opportunity to be part of AASA’s Learning 2025 Network with professional learning, collaboration and resources on a smaller scale.

Learn More About the Benefits of an Engaged System

The fee to participate as an Engaged System is $3,500 for AASA Members and $4,000 for Nonmembers.

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Battelle for Kids

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